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Why Recruiters Must Be Strong Marketers

Recruiting today's brightest is getting more complicated than ever. In today's competitive market, these tactics will assist recruiters in finding the ideal individuals when and when they are. The recruitment industry is constantly directing forward. Pre 1850, recruitment was limited to friends and family or people who wandered into a business looking for a job. During the white-collar work boom of the 1950's and the 1960's, the first recruitment agencies were born, and resumes have become an essential part of any job search. Therefore, the 1970's marked the arrival of the first announcements of work newspapers. The result: companies are always interested in using the most upgraded technology and ideas to ensure the brightest and best for their workforce.

However, the rapid evolution of the internet triggered the most dramatic change in the description of recruiter work in decades. It is no longer sufficient to sell a handful of CVS papers to fill roles: Assume the best candidates of the vast group of online talents; recruiters must be more proactive than ever. They should think like the Marketers.

A strong employer brand is essential for successful recruitment.

Candidates with the most in-demand skills have a plethora of options when it comes to employers, so ensuring that the employee value proposition is both competitive and well-marketed is critical for recruitment success.

According to international Randstad research, while an attractive salary and benefits package is essential in choosing an employer, other benefits are now almost as valuable. Work-life balance was mentioned by 46 percent of participants as one of their top five priorities, followed by job security (45 percent ), a pleasant work environment (44 percent ), and career advancement (37 percent ).

Whereas compensation remains imperative, it’s not the be-all-end-all. If a company offers a comparable salary to a competitor with a significantly better overall package, the company will have an advantage. Benefits such as paid time off and remote work opportunities have become the norm for younger candidates. Recruiters must get how to best advertise these benefits as a portion of the employer brand to draw in the best talent.

Recruiters can expect more inbound success when the good candidates approach them when the employer brand is well-marketed. Not as it were does this extend their ability pool, but it decreases the legwork of drawing nearer detached candidates separately, driving effectiveness.

Social media is the key.

Millennials and Generation Z, the digital native generations, now make up more than one-third of the workforce. Because of the prevalence of social media, the lines between work and personal life for these age groups have become increasingly blurred. This means that social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, have become important in the search for top candidates.

Crash course: Marketing for Recruiters

Historically, acquiring and honing marketing skills was not likely to be a top priority for recruiters. However, as the recruitment landscape evolves and marketing becomes an integral part of the job, recruiters must stay current on marketing best practices.

Prioritize your values

Ethical corporate values are essential, especially to younger employees. When marketing positions to younger candidates, it is critical to emphasize genuine, positive company values.

Create and maintain a visual brand

As previously stated, employer branding is essential in today's recruitment arena. Create a consistent visual brand identity both online (via social media posts, newsletters, etc.) and offline (via branded pens and presentation folders like this one from Act-On software). A powerful visual identity will assist potential hires in recognizing and distinguishing your brand, allowing you to stand out in a sea of hiring organizations.

Keep social profiles up-to-date

The ultimate goal of employer branding is to ensure that the organization appears to be an inspirational place to work, and building trust is a key component of this. As a result, it's critical to keep your company's social profiles up to date and active with content that will appeal to your target audience.

Always consider a call to action

Marketing for the sake of marketing is a waste of time. Whatever marketing action you take, whether it's writing a blog, sending a newsletter, or engaging on social media, it's critical to consider what you want to motivate your audience to do. Do you wish for them to provide you with their email address? Have you received a comment on your post? Or send you their curriculum vitae? Make sure your content and calls to action are created with the end goal in mind.


The job market has evolved dramatically over the last few decades, and so has the role of recruiting. Moving forward, it will be critical to incorporate innovative and broad-reaching marketing strategies to be an effective recruiter.

We are here to help you with the marketing strategies for recruitment by providing you with the best candidates. Contact us today and leave your recruitment worries on us!


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