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Top Recruiting Strategies for Quick and Effective Hiring in 2022

Total payroll employment increased by 199,000 in December 2021, while the unemployment rate fell to 3.9 percent. Despite the recent strong rehiring, the labor force participation rate remains well below pre-pandemic levels.

Employers are still having difficulty attracting and maintaining important talent due to a low participation rate, which is compounded by a labor shortage that is providing workers more leverage than they have had in years. While this is good for workers, talent rivalry is predicted to be fierce in 2022. And, while it's difficult to anticipate what the future holds in this candidate-driven market, it's evident that hiring isn't going to become much simpler in the coming year. To combat this, recruiting teams could use a variety of tools, such as talent acquisition (TA) planning "workbooks," which are collections of tools meant to assist recruiters to approach strategic recruitment in the New Year with a fresh perspective.

Recruiting Strategies Effective Hiring

Create a high-level strategy:

The first stage in enhancing recruiting techniques this year is to develop a comprehensive and detailed plan to assist in achieving 2022 hiring targets, which includes forecasting the number of recruits in the coming year. Recruiting teams should collaborate with their executive leadership teams to determine the company's strategic plans for the coming year and the roles that will be required to be filled.

This is also an important time to consider whether a group should:

  • Conduct employee satisfaction surveys to predict satisfaction, engagement, and turnover.

  • Examine previous trends, as some personnel turnover and hiring requirements are cyclical. Many employees, for example, decide to leave their current positions in January.

  • Estimate the impact of the "Great Resignation" on your workforce, and plan for higher employee turnover as well as expectations for higher wages, better working conditions, remote work options, flexible workplaces (especially for working parents), and improved diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) efforts.

  • Similarly, learn about DE&I goals for 2022, as well as any initiatives for attracting, hiring, and retaining personnel from all backgrounds.

  • Consider whether there will be any internal mobility or promotions that will necessitate new hiring. Determine the expected number of additional personnel required for each function, location, and business unit.

This method should aid in the development of defined, quantifiable, achievable, relevant, and time-based objectives. Depending on the size of the team, the maturity of the TA function, and the company's strategic intentions, recruiting teams should set a realistic amount of goals that a given team can reach. Putting the team into the future is a fantastic way to think about goals: "By December 31, 2022, the team will have employed 10,000 new employees, raised the percentage of underrepresented individuals by 10%, and reduced time-to-hire by 30%."

Build Targeted audience plans:

Identifying, prioritizing, and cultivating the most critical audiences to the firm is other method recruiters can use in 2022. This includes, for example:

  • These audiences have the experience and skill set to fill high-volume positions, jobs that are geographically focused, or crucial jobs, such as executive hiring.

  • Underrepresented applicants, veterans, military hiring, and university relations for students, interns, and new graduates, are some of the demographic groups that businesses wish to target.

  • Candidates with whom the company has a prior relationship, such as employees, alumni, employee recommendations, contingent labor, and past applications, such as high-potential candidates, are considered relationship audiences.

Most firms are already focusing on creating outstanding content to attract and engage new job seekers, whether it's through clear job descriptions, cultural films, or company blogs. Recruiters should incorporate targeted audience planning into the research and development processes that come right before the content is generated to ensure that this material is seen by the right applicants. To ensure that materials are seen from multiple perspectives within the organization, TA professionals should assemble a team consisting of representatives from marketing, recruiting, customer success, sales, and employees who match the type of hires the company is looking to attract before launching any recruitment marketing campaign.

In the New Year, businesses must become more adaptive to labor market realities. In addition to the aforementioned, this can entail automating recruiting processes and employing cutting-edge technologies like intelligent messaging and chat bots, outsourcing more tasks, and hiring more internally.

These are just a few of the techniques that teams might use to increase their hiring efforts in 2022. It can be tough to know where to start when planning for the New Year in recruiting because of the rapid change in the TA landscape over the last year. Recruiting teams may use spreadsheets to assess current programs and make data-driven decisions to improve future operations, assuring a positive return on their hiring budget for the coming year.

We will take care of your every recruitment need by strategizing and planning in well advance. Contact us now!

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