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In Demand Skills to Focus On When Hiring New People

Once upon a time, you were a job seeker actively attempting to improve your résumé in order to impress an employer. Whether you're in HR making these decisions for a company today or you own it outright, you know there are a lot of variables at play. Recruiters and companies are looking for far more than what a college diploma can provide. They are looking for good communicators, negotiators, people who are both creative and dedicated, people who are strong time managers and have strong organisational abilities.

As a result of the pandemic, hiring procedures have altered, and recruiters are rethinking their hiring, onboarding, and other employee-facing decisions. More people are working from home and hiring for remote positions; they are also attempting to do virtual interviews rather than face-to-face interviews. In such circumstances, our perceptions of others shift. What talents are more important now than they were previously?

You may use the list of abilities that will be in high demand in 2021 and beyond to help you define your ideal employee and, as a result, enhance employee retention and happiness.


In any firm, teamwork is always appreciated, but in this changing world, employees must also be able to rely on their own discipline, time management, and inventiveness to keep on top of their assignments. To summarize it all in one skill that is in great demand today, independence has shown to be critical for company success as remote work has grown in popularity.

Recruiters should always look for team players, but they also need to start looking for people who can deliver their work even when they are working remotely and without direct supervision.


Problem-solving is an essential capacity that every modern-day employee must develop. It is a challenging skill to test or analyse before hiring someone. It's not a static ability, and it necessitates continual training in order for an individual to adapt to different scenarios and circumstances in which problems must be solved.

In 2021, recruiters will place a greater emphasis on this skill in order to identify the best applicants who have the ability to solve problems on their own rather than waiting for instructions.


As a recruiter, you understand how important digital marketing is for promoting your brand and getting people to notice it. Brands now want exceptional marketers for everything from effective paid ad management to devoted SEO, email marketing, and social media.

In the aftermath of the epidemic, as more businesses move to the Internet realm, they'll require employees who can promote their products effectively.


As much as people need to be able to work on their own and without supervision, they also need to remain team players even when they work remotely. This combination of independence and collaboration is proving to be essential in the modern workplace, especially with more companies creating hybrid work models with remote and on-site staff.

The ability to use common PM tools, communicate via several channels, collaborate in real-time via the cloud, and similar skills are now becoming more essential in the recruiting process.

Although some of the stated skills correspond to professions, others are simply a subset of abilities that may be used anyplace, it's crucial to consider how the current economic climate is affecting the recruiting and selection process. Keeping these abilities in mind will help you locate and recognize exceptional people who will help you expand your organisation in the months and years ahead.

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