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How we can supply quality candidates in a slim candidate market

For good reason, companies now rate successful recruitment as one of their top priorities, as well as one of their major pet peeves.

With Millennials and Generation Z increasingly becoming the workforce's cornerstone, finding the perfect applicant for a job has never been more vital.

Their fluid and temporary approach to employment, in contrast to the Millenials' "work for life" mindset, resulting in a constant flow of personnel. It also implies that recruiters and sources will have their work cut out for them.

We'll walk you through some of the most common issues faced by current sources and recruiters, as well as strategies you can simply use in your recruitment sourcing strategy to find the best prospects.

The process of finding candidates outlined.

Candidate sourcing is the process of locating, identifying, and contacting individuals for positions that you are currently recruiting for or will be recruiting for in the future. According to LinkedIn, 90% of people are interested in learning more about new prospects, yet just 36% of prospects are actively looking for work.

To explain, recruiting occurs after sourcing and includes parts of the recruitment process such as screening, interviewing, and evaluating.

Struggles with candidate sourcing:

Recruiters who are sourcing candidates may face challenges such as:

1. Candidates who have no idea what the job requires.

2. A small number of applicants or candidates of poor quality.

3. Having trouble contacting candidate leads.

4. Competitors are posing a serious threat.

5. Not knowing which job boards or social media channels will create recruitment leads.

So how do you handle these struggles? How to reduce sourcing time? And how to improve candidate sourcing in general?

Here's how New Vision Recruiting comes into the picture:

1. Identifying the Hiring Needs

We figure out where the gaps are in your current team. Check if you have new needs in terms of ability, performance or personality. Ask you if you need someone to take care of something that is not being addressed currently. This will tell us that there is a hiring need.

2. Setting up the Best Recruitment Team

Our hiring team ensures a successful hiring process. Because one bad decision can effect the entire workforce's productivity, the team's role in the recruitment process is critical. We clearly identify the job vacancy and define the qualities of an ideal candidate.

3. Talent Search

The most critical components of the recruitment process are identifying the right talent, attracting them, and motivating them to apply, to create referrals, as well as externally, on prominent social networking sites and favored job boards, the job listing shall be posted.

4. After interview

Then the shortlisted applications will now move through the interview process prior to receiving an offer letter or a rejection note. Depending on the size of the hiring team and their unique recruitment needs, several interviews may be scheduled for every candidate.

NVR's interviews allow recruiters to streamline the initial screening process by eliminating the need for lengthy and unauthentic screening. The solution is to have a thorough conversation with the New Vision Recruiting experts and to prepare and determine the best way for efficient recruiting.

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