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How to secure the 'Passive' Candidate?

Recruiters and employers across all industries, including accountancy and finance, have to adjust tactics to seek and secure top talent as a result of the abrupt move from a client-driven market to a candidate-driven market.

Knowing how to target the 'passive' prospect is more crucial than ever since that many of the most desirable individuals have already been scooped up by the competitors. Passive prospects aren't found on job boards or LinkedIn's #OpenToWork hashtag. They are not actively searching for new work. That's not to suggest they're not curious.

What is in it for them?

Passive recruiting is all about persuading qualified prospects that working with your firm is the best option for them.

But how can you persuade them to quit their current position and join your team? Simple (kind of): make them an irresistible offer. When it comes to passive prospects, you must persuade them that the grass is truly greener on the other side.

So, as an employer, what should your major focus be to impress your ideal applicant and persuade them to work for you? When actively pursuing passive applicants, there are various ways for firms to stand out from the competition and get the greatest fit for the job.

Do your research?

  • How long have they been working in this position?

  • What do you think you could provide them that their present employer can't?

  • What is their background, and how does it qualify them for this position?

To be extra sure you're correct to spend your time and energy trying to recruit someone who isn't actively looking for a new job, figure out what it is about them that makes them the best candidate for this position. From the first interaction, your discussions with them will be more individualized and targeted.

Offer a competitive salary

Unfortunately, slapping a large salary on an offer and expecting it to speak for itself isn't enough. Salary will always be a key pull for candidates, even if it isn't the single deciding factor for job seekers these days. With both beginning salaries and temp compensation rising at a rapid pace, the salary you provide should be appealing to potential candidates – and following industry benchmarks.

Consider a flexible working

According to a recent survey, 34% of UK workers stated they would resign from their current job if their employer did not provide flexible working choices. This will continue to be an important issue for candidates to consider in the new age of hybrid employment. From early recruitment and onboarding procedures to long-term, flexible working practices, employers must seamlessly adapt and assist the new way of working if they want to secure — and retain — fresh talent.

Demonstrate company culture and values

It's critical to make sure your company's brand and values are reflected consistently across all platforms and communications if you want to stand out in the marketplace. Many candidates are becoming more aware of corporate principles and how they are implemented in policy and the workplace. This could include diversity and inclusion initiatives, gender equality initiatives, work-life balance initiatives, or any other characteristics of your company's culture that make it an attractive place to work.

Build a good reputation with existing staff

In the hunt for passive prospects, your present employees could be one of your most valuable assets. When deciding whether or not to accept a job offer, a positive review might make all the difference. If former and current employees speak well of a company, it will generate a positive overall impression and provide all the proof needed to back up any assertions that a candidate should leave their current position for a new one.

If you want to hire passive candidates for your company, contact us right now! We will help you find the best of both active and passive candidates.

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