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How Is Employer Branding Useful?

As an employer, your brand image is extremely important; and New Vision Recruiting offers tremendous value to your hiring process. Before we go into detail about employer branding, it's important to understand what it is. Employer branding has come under a lot of attention recently, as job searchers are becoming more selective about where they apply for jobs. People may now go online to sites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and indeed to learn more about what a firm or workplace can give them when they're searching for chances, high compensation, and career progression. Because of our enhanced ability to network, the concept of talent hunting has grown more competitive. As an employer, you must invest in your brand these days: how are you seen by candidates with the skill sets you want to attract, onboard, and retain? This is one of the reasons why companies should take "Employer Branding" carefully when recruiting new employees.

How can your organization improve Employer Branding?

1. Define your message carefully: Create an authentic brand message and tone of voice so that candidates exactly know what to expect as an employee.

2. Nurture your culture: Recruitment plays an important part in fostering culture by ensuring that the correct people are hired. Because your employer brand reflects your culture rather than being something you can control, cultivating a healthy culture is the foundation of a strong employer brand. As a result, the NVR team is better able to brand your company to potential applicants.

3. Understand brand perception: Candidates will undoubtedly discuss their experiences on social media sites such as Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Glassdoor, and Indeed. These platforms can provide you with useful input on aspects of your employee value proposition. Of course, not all job seekers will be happy all of the time, but keep an eye out for issues that may discourage right-fit candidates from applying.

4. Build brand advocacy: Marketing is no longer the keeper of the brand, thanks to social media. Employees – and customers – have control over both corporate and employer branding. Consider how you can use employee posts on social media, internal Facebook groups, and your professional social media platforms. These are then shared with our recruitment staff, which assists us in exposing your company to potential candidates.

5. Embrace technology: By offering improved communication channels and improving the candidate experience, technology helps to boost the company brand. We can help with applicant engagement, job search, applications, assessment and selection processes, interview scheduling, and feedback at NVR. All recruitment teams can create an outstanding applicant experience that enhances the employer's brand.

6. Treat candidates like customers: Indeed and Glassdoor agree that candidates are increasingly treating their job search like an online purchasing experience. Jobseekers want to know about your company's reviews, work style, and interview procedure as part of their study. They may also provide feedback on their applicant experience. As a result, it's critical to provide jobseekers with a good, consistent, fair, and engaging journey.

7. Use storytelling: NVR keeps potential candidates interested through constant communication and follow-up after we've made contact with them. As an employer, sharing your success stories with us could aid us in the hiring process. This could include landing pages that feature videos relevant to the job openings or sharing tales from current employees about their personal experiences.

8. Add depth-through photography, imagery or video: You can actively promote your employer brand using a variety of tactics other than words. Creating a visually appealing vision that inspires people is frequently best accomplished through graphics or video. To engage with potential prospects, many of our clients are using social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Indeed.

9. Own your space: Make sure you're in the right place to find your ideal candidate. Make an effect in the proper locations, whether it's on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. This strategy is useful if you're looking to employ in a field outside of your regular domain — think of banks looking for fintech talent or a shop expanding into new regions.

10. Connect employer and cooperate brand: Both the company and the consumer brand benefit from a pleasant candidate experience. Outsiders can comprehend your company's mission, vision, and culture thanks to your employer brand. Although the consumers for corporate and employer brands are distinct, the messages should be consistent. We use many of the same avenues to communicate with our customers as we do with our applicants in today's connected environment.

Having an employer branding plan in place aids NVR in attracting applicants and assisting you in making successful hires. This useful information can assist improve a hiring process and maximize future candidate experiences if these tactics are used. Companies can differentiate themselves as an employer of choice in a variety of ways, but the most difficult problem will always be staying ahead of the competition and ensuring that job seekers choose your company over others. In order to achieve success in recruiting and save your time we are here at your service. We will bring you the best employees to fit your vacancy. Hire us as your agency and leave the recruitment on us.

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