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Hiring and Recruiting Generation Z: What You Need to Know

This generation, born between 1996 and 2012, is barely finishing college and is already changing occupations and the way we hire and recruit. This generation is willing to forego the traditional cooperative work to start their enterprise. As a result, meeting people on their terms may help you attract and keep them. The trick is to understand what people want and how to provide it within your current company framework. As Generation Z becomes full-time professionals, they are having a significant impact on the workplace. Employers must first grasp the changes that Gen Z is causing and how to respond to them successfully and capitalize on this new workforce.

The following are some of the changes Gen Z is bringing to the workplace:

1. Higher demand for flexibility: Flexibility is a priority for Generation Z workers, especially with remote working opportunities. This need could be one of the driving forces behind the 87% increase in remote work across various industries. In addition, employees with remote work opportunities said they were 13% more likely to stay at their current job in the next five years than employees who did not have the scope to work remotely.

2. Shifts in top desired benefits: Perks have always been important, but the types of benefits that employers have prioritized have evolved. Benefits focusing on family life, including flex-time, parental leave, and child care, were emphasized by Gen X {born between 1965 and 1980}. Gen Z appears to prefer benefits that emphasize professional development and stability, like as retirement plans and workplace awards, to a lesser extent than their millennial predecessors.

3. From collaborative to independent: Among Gen Z and millennials in the workplace, there appears to be a shift from the desire for collaborative work to independent work. Generation Z values independence and competition, and they want to be judged on their own merits. That's not to say they don't want to work together, but along with a greater need for flexibility, it seems Gen Z workers are thriving with more independence.

Here's all you need to know about attracting Generation Z employees to your firm:

1. Know the difference: Generation Z mostly grew up during the economic downturn and saw their families struggle. However, they lean towards technology. These candidates tend to be more pragmatic and practical. They are more autonomous and independent. Knowing the difference between the generations is important to better target them with messaging and recruiting initiatives. These workers are aware that the possibilities are limitless, and they plan to make an impact.

2. Start recruiting gen z now: Because the oldest generation z applicants are already 23 years old, they are prime candidates for recruitment messages throughout their college careers. This is the moment to begin experimenting with recruitment messages across multiple channels, including social media sites such as Snapchat and Instagram. Remember that plans must be established and refined over time; they can’t change overnight.

3. Offer career growth: Due to a lack of job stability, over half of Generation Z works as a freelancer. If you offer them job security and upward growth as a recruiter, you may attract them. However, if they work for you for a year and don't see any signs of potential advancement, they'll start looking for other opportunities.

4. Be tech-savvy: Since birth, Gen z has been immersed in and overpowered by technology, and they are equally at ease with it. You must understand their technologies to make your job application process mobile-friendly and use new technology in your business. They will not utilize software that is older than they are.

5. Maintain your brand reputations: Search engines have made it easier for a young digital candidate to learn about your company's reputation. This means that your ex-employees can easily bomb-review your company and young candidates will undoubtedly notice. This suggests you must maintain a strong reputation management strategy.

6. Streamline the process: Candidates expect an instant response in an age of instant replies and instant feedback. Your company must be swift enough to recruit, analyze, and extend offers speedily.

7. Offer modern perks: Generation Z prefers fluidity, flexibility, and a unique management style. They do not want to be bound by 9-to-5 jobs and boss meetings. They are particularly gripped by the freedom of a freelance (or gig-focused) lifestyle.

8. Strongly consider remote work: Many jobs that were previously considered office jobs can now be completed from the comfort of your own home, thanks to the global pandemic. As long as the technology to support remote work is in place, it can be extremely beneficial to both you and your employees. Gen Z values the freedom it provides them, as it allows them to work at their own pace and prove their worth on their terms.

9. Be open to listening: Young recruits' feedback and ideas should be welcomed. They should be taught why their ideas won't work, and their suggestions and feedback should be valued. If they believe they are being ignored, they will ship, jump, or find an agile competitor.

10. Snack-sized content: Instead of scrolling through lengthy career pages, candidates prefer to watch a 3-minute overview video of your company.

Here are the benefits of hiring generation z in your workplace:

  1. Accepting of Social Differences: In general, Generation Z places a high value on effective cross-cultural communication. This means increased efforts to highlight cultural differences in the workplace and a more cooperative workforce. These attitudes can help eliminate systemic social problems in the workplace and lead to fewer instances of discrimination or harassment at the workplace.

  2. True Digital Natives: Members of Generation Z were raised with technology, and it shows. They are the most technologically savvy generation, both in and out of the workplace. As technology advances, having digital natives on your team can help ease technological transitions and keep your company on the cutting edge.

  3. Problem-solving skills: Entrepreneurship has been identified as a characteristic of Generation Z. This could be attributed to their desire for independence as well as their upbringing in a fast-paced, results-oriented world. As a result, Gen Z has been observed to be an exceptional problem solver, which can be an asset to any company.

  4. Passionate for the work they’re doing: Purpose-driven work motivates Gen Zers more than large paychecks. When given a choice between a higher-paying, more boring job, and a more stimulating but less lucrative job, Gen Z job candidates frequently choose the latter. Employees who are passionate about their work can be valuable assets to the company's growth and innovation.

This is how you improve your company for Generation Z. They are adamantly opposed to the idea of being hired for a role and then molded to fit the role. They will not change who they are just to get a job. Gen Z is the next big wave of young employees, and they bring with them a new paradigm in work and in recruiting. We are here to help you succeed in recruiting while saving you time. We will bring you the best candidates for your open position. Hire us as your recruiting agency and let us handle the recruiting process for you.

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