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Delivery Driver Staffing - A Checklist

It's getting more difficult to find reliable delivery drivers as major corporations like Amazon and large logistic companies hire from the same shrinking talent pool. There are steps you can take to increase your chances of hiring the best drivers for your business.

Connect with us to find qualified drivers with the skills and licenses you need.

Step 1: Conduct a search and connect with others.

We frame our search according to whether you need permanent drivers on a salaried or contractual basis, or to fill a temporary role, as well as the different requirements for the type of license, work permits, previous records and recommendations, linguistic skills, and so on. We can quickly find suitable driver profiles thanks to a network of connections and a robust database developed over time.

Step 2: Candidate Sourcing

Our recruitment teams are dedicated professionals, committed to delivering high standards in carrying out your hiring needs. From the first point of contact, when we understand your requirements, to the short listing of candidates, every process is carried out in an efficient manner. The candidates we source are ones who meet all your specifications.

Step 3: CDL License and Documentation

In addition, we have CDL-licensed drivers for all types of vehicles, from semi trucks to dry van trailers and tankers. Both of these requirements are expertly managed by our recruiters.

Are you a Licensed CDL Driver?

If you are a qualified driver looking for work, you can register as a job seeker and post your requirements, or if you are a company looking for a delivery driver, you can post your requirements. New Vision Recruiting will assist you with all of this.

Connect with us to find qualified drivers with the skills and licenses you need. Visit us at for more details.


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