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6 Signs you have found the Right Candidate!

When looking for potential job candidates, you may quickly realize some red flags during the interview process: they may be late, speak badly about previous employers, give overly vague answers, and other signs that they are not suitable for your company. However, although red flags are easy to spot, you may not always be good at spotting "green flags" that indicate that candidates are well suited for the job.

Paying attention to the green flag can give you a better understanding of whether a candidate should enter the next round or be eliminated, helping to make the recruiting process more efficient and effective. Keep an eye out for these six signals that you've located the ideal applicant in your pipeline to see if a candidate you have in the pipeline is the correct fit.

1. They know their stuff:

Informed candidates who have researched your company and position can provide high-quality recruitment. They tend to adapt better to the culture, have the right expectations, and can improve faster. So, if the candidate reflects that they have spent time learning about your company from the ground up, they might be a good fit for the job.

The ideal candidate arrives at the interview well-versed with the company's operations yet is ready to learn more about its products and consumers. When applicants have gone through your website, read your newsletter, and do some Google research, they outshine the other candidates. They can be self-directed if they take the time to investigate your company before their interview.

Candidates should not just be familiar with the basic facts of your business; they need also be familiar with the company's culture and values. The ideal applicant is familiar with the company's goal statement, core values, and history. This shows that they're not just seeking a job but are genuinely interested in the company. It indicates they'll want to establish a career with you rather than jump ship as a better offer comes along.

2. You can sense their enthusiasm:

It's not just what a candidate says that matters; it's also how they say it. The suitable candidate should be as enthusiastic about your organization as you are about them. It's a good sign if you can sense their passion in their body language and hear their excitement in their voice.

You want to hear applicants talk about how proud they are of their previous work as the job they can do in this new role. That kind of excitement demonstrates that they are genuinely engaged in their area rather than simply seeking a method to make ends meet. You want people who are passionate about their work and want to stay with it for a long time.

3. They are Honest-Warts and All:

Recruiters frequently discuss the "ideal" candidate. However, the truth is that every candidate has a few weaknesses. The truly exceptional ones, on the other hand, will admit it.

The candidate should be aware of their flaws. For example, a candidate may be skilled with technology yet admits that he is afraid of giving in-person presentations. Self-awareness is more prevalent in this candidate. Self-awareness is an essential interpersonal ability that distinguishes an excellent candidate.

Likewise, instead of painting a rosy picture of work history, prefer someone to tell you about a mistake at work and how they fixed and learned from it. As an HR person, realize that no one is perfect. However, the ideal candidate is willing to learn and grow, not someone who tries to convince you that he can never make a mistake. Having employees agile to learn is essential if you want people who can grow with the business.

4. They communicate quickly and clearly:

Coordination is one of the most time-consuming aspects of being a recruiter. Scheduling phone screenings, interviews, and presentations between persons with varying schedules can be difficult - especially if prospects are reluctant to react. The best applicants, on the other hand answer quickly and succinctly throughout the process to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

This is important since you'll most likely be recruiting in a fast-paced atmosphere, and if candidates are not driven to reply quickly throughout the recruitment process, they'll be less inclined to respond once they're on the job. A timely response also shows that candidates are interested in the organization and the role.

5. The interview flows perfectly:

You want candidates to answer all of your questions thoroughly. However, you shouldn't be the only one leading the conversation in an interview with a quality applicant. Some of the discourse will be driven by the candidate too, and there will be a more natural back-and-forth between you two.

If the interview was painless for both of you - it seemed more like a conversation than an interrogation - it's a clue that the applicant you've found is the one. They'd prepared insightful questions for you and appeared genuinely interested in learning about the company's culture and your experience working there, and you both seemed to 'connect' during the interview.

6. They bring ideas to the table:

It's great when a candidate has a track record of success, but they must also be forward-thinking and demonstrate what they can bring to the role.

Coming to an interview with concrete ideas of what they would do in the role demonstrates that a candidate understands the work and wants to contribute as soon as possible. For example, if you ask the person how they would handle 'X,' the individual will respond with a brilliant idea that your organization had not previously considered. That makes the person a great candidate because they are already thinking about how they can help the company.

You're looking for the ideal candidate, but your résumé stack is a little thin. New Vision Recruiting can assist you! Contact us to find out how we can help you find qualified, enthusiastic candidates to join your team.

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