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5 Jobs that will be in demand in 2021

The humanitarian crisis- COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the globe putting up health systems under unprecedented stress. The virus has literally hijacked the very rhythm of our lives and has not even spared our work lives. The virus has strikingly hit the employment sector. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ latest jobs report, roughly 17.75 million Americans were unemployed in June 2020, resulting in an unemployment rate of 11.1 percent on a seasonally adjusted basis. But with the new normal, world has resumed and is looking forward to more opportunities. Here we tell you predictions of 5 jobs that will be in demand in the year 2021:

1. Hybrid roles

Predicting through today’s scenarios a company might not have a budget for multiple hires so they would favor an all-rounder. The industry is no longer entertaining applicants with just college degrees. The candidate must have something extra to offer in their skills. Any company apparently would prefer a person whose skills can be used in more than one field. For example, having writing skills with an understanding of SEO, experience in coding and social skills will be preferred than the one who just knows to code.

2. Digital marketing specialists

In a world where digitalization has put forward convenience and reliance, the demand for digital marketers has raised mind-bogglingly. Companies have to come up to the digital field and advance their eCommerce platforms. And for that digital marketing specialists would be sought-after. To do well you must know both the fields that are of digital space as well as the market industry.

3. Graphic designers/Creatives

When companies would boom on digital platforms clearly they will need individuals that can enhance their websites and other social media platforms. Creativity is the key to attract more viewers to your site and increase visibility. For the same, creative people well-informed of the graphic software would be in the hunt to approach.

4. Marketing strategists

If the right marketing strategies are applied only then one can mark a significant comeback in the industry post virus. And only the experienced market strategists can do the hustle to rebound the losses. Now, your work won’t be the same. You will have to wear many hats to make a lead to your company in the industry. You will be accountable for creating market strategies, identifying the best scripts and creative content, and most importantly the execution.

5. Data analysts

The more a company knows about its customer’s interests the more they will be able to strengthen their customer satisfaction policy. Only data analysts will be competent to provide data on their consumer habits, both online and offline.

If you want recruitment in the above-mentioned fields or any other field the best recruitment agency is just a click away, NVR specializes in innovative staffing and human solutions. And we wish that the year 2021 brings you more career opportunities with NVR.


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